We’re Moving!

There are a lot of changes going on around here! Along with our new design center and showroom, we’re starting a new blog. Please go check it out here. We’ll be posting regular updates following the construction of the building and giving a sneak peek of some of the items that will be featured in the showroom. We can’t wait to show you some of the goodies we have up our sleeves!

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New Showroom. Construction Begins!

This new project OUR NEW SHOWROOM!- has amplified the excitement and nighttime tossing. That mixed with the late work hours getting it all ready is not good for the designer appearance! That will explain the dark circles if you meet us at the store.

Today was exciting for us….but not so much for Zane the contractor though. He’s the BEST and he and the crew didn’t complain too much! It was their task to uncover the beams and get rid of the nasty dropped ceiling. I told you we’d have pictures. Well some of them were just too scary to post so here’s a couple that show how great the beams and new opened ceiling will be WITHOUT showing the nasty disaster created in the process. Those old ceilings are MESSY.

We were in and OUT for just enough time to take the pictures. YIKES!

And check out the outside of the building. Its super cute. I can just see the sign “LIV by Atmosphere ID” sitting under the lights with cute awnings. Too bad we can’t yet decide on the color of the awnings. I think right now we just hope to have enough moolah to put them up before opening. Okay…enough talk. Here’s the reveal.


I told you it was crazy. But aren’t they cool. No turning back now!

So you agree that the awnings are a must?! They will be super cute on the already great building. Do you like the green? We are calling it avocado green. It may not be exactly what we’d pick, but either way it’s there to stay for now and good enough for a bunch of picky designers.

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New Showroom & Boutique!!!

Do we dare write it down?! Yes!!! It is official. We are opening our new showroom & boutique in Bountiful! Emotions have been flowing for days. One moment the nerves hit and the overload of things to do floods the mind and then next minute the excitement of it all the design ideas and opportunities takes over. We’ve barely begun and it is exhausting.

We’ll be keeping our design firm as is and joining our studio with the showroom. We will miss our old space, but are so excited for our new site. 470 South Main Street in Bountiful Utah is now HOME to our new showroom, LIV by Atmosphere ID.

For the next few weeks while we rush, rush, rush to get everything completed. Be sure to keep coming back to see updates and progress photos over the next several weeks. We’ll give you sneak peaks of products and great promotions. Its going to be so fun to see the place come together. We aren’t making too many changes and trying to keep within a reasonable budget (okay clients, we understand now more than ever), but it will be awesome.

Tomorrow we take out some walls and the ceiling to reveal something oh so cool…we hope!

Enjoy counting down the days to opening with us. Its too soon to tell but we hope October doesn’t end before we throw our grand opening bash! Don’t plan any vacations in October. You won’t want to miss this.

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The Finished Kitchen

I while ago we shared some pictures of a work in progress Pam and Deboni were collaborating on. After a year of work, the home is finally completed and we wanted to share some photos of the first completed room. We were planning on using a photo of the kitchen for an ad in home design book but because our client wasn’t in a hurry to furnish and accessorize the home (he wanted to take his time and find unique pieces that he really loves) the kitchen was far from photo ready. We received word that the design book was going to the printer this week so we decided to stage an impromptu photo shoot. We loaded up our cars with pretty things to make the kitchen feel more lived in and took over the kitchen for a couple of hours. Although, there are some additions or changes I would make if we were purchasing items specifically for the kitchen, I think the pictures came out pretty good. Because the photo shoot was last minute, we weren’t able to hire a professional photographer so I did my best I could with my little snap shot camera. Here are a few of the hundreds of photos I took in hopes that there would be one usable photo. Enjoy!
A view of the entire kitchen from the great room.
The winning photo. We will post the finished ad soon.
The runner up. We were torn about which photo to use because we really loved the brightness of the detail shot but ended up selecting the shot that showed more of the kitchen.
Hood detail. I love the rough texture of the backsplash against the more elegant painted finish of the cabinets.
A pair of lanterns bring some charm into the space.
You can’t quite tell in the photo, but the cabinets next to the open shelves in the hutch have a metal mesh panel instead of a solid wood door. Mesh is a great way to break up the space so the cabinets don’t feel too heavy. If you need more closed storage, gathered sheer fabric behind the mesh would be a great addition.
I love the warmth the oiled cherry butcher block brings into the space. It ties in nicely with the stained archway leading to the entrance of the home.

This was a great project that we’ve really enjoyed working on. We can’t wait to share some of the other finished spaces with you soon.

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Ladies Night Out

Our first annual ladies night out Holiday Decor Gala was a great success. We want to send a special thanks out to Modern Display for providing all of the Christmas decor and sharing a few tips from the pros on how to bring some holiday cheer into your home. A big thank you also goes out to Jake with Three Men and a Shovel Landscaping for opening our eyes to the all of the beautiful and natural holiday decor that is all around us. We’ve already started carrying some clippers in our purse in case we come across the perfect branch of berries in our neighbors yard an empty field to add to our center piece. I think I may plant some of the foliage he brought in my yard so I can have an endless supply of decor for my house. And of course, a huge thank you goes out to all that participated. We really appreciate your support and we hope that you had as much fun as we did.
Unfortunately, I did a horrible job taking pictures of the event after the guests started to arrive but I wanted to share the few pictures I snapped. I think Devanie (yes we have a designer named Deboni and one named Devanie. Small world I guess) did a better job at documenting the evening. Hopefully I’ll be adding some of her photos soon.
The studio was so much more cheerful all Christmasafied.
A big ball garland is now on my list of must have Christmas decor. I love the whimsy it adds.
Festive linens are a great way to add some depth to your holiday decor and you can never have too much sparkle. The large mosaic mirror ornaments in the back were to die for.
Of course I did manage to get a picture of the food
and the dessert. (I love the drama of that large scale floral.)
Here are a few of the great guests.

Thanks again to all those who participated. Until next year.

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‘Tis the Season

Ok not quite, but the holiday season is quickly approaching. If you’re anything like us, you’re probably already envisioning how to bring the holiday spirit into your home. If you live the Salt Lake City, UT area, please join us for a Holiday Decor Gala on Nov. 13, 2010 at our studio in Bountiful, UT. Seth Bowen from Three Men & A Shovel Landscaping will give advice on how to bring the outside in to spread a little holiday cheer. A design expert from Modern Display will also be there with helpful tips. The cost of the workshop is $39 which includes dinner. Space is limited so please register by Nov. 10, 2010.

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Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are all over magazines and blogland and we wanted to get our two cents in on the subject. There are several different ways to create a gallery wall. The first uses several pieces of art in the same sized frame and usually of similar subject matter spaced equally apart.

Sara Richardson

The orderly arrangement makes a graphic statement on the wall and highlights a collection.

Timothy Whealon Elle Decor June 2010 b

Bringing the frames to floor creates more impact.

Timothy Whealon Elle Decor June 2010 b

Traditional Home Sept 2010

This arrangement is still very orderly but is a bit more playful since the frames are staggered.

Philip Gorrivan Elle Decor May 2010

This gallery uses paintings of similar subject matter (most likely by the same artist) of varying sizes. Because each piece is framed identically and hung together the collection has more impact than each piece would have had on it’s own.
I love the way the starburst mirror softens all of the rectangular lines of the frames.

Philip Gorrivan Elle Decor June 2010

This entire kitchen has become a gallery. All of the artwork is similar and is in similar frames but isn’t perfectly lined up.

Nate Berkus and Ann Coyle Elle Decor March 2010

This is one of my favorite ways to create a gallery wall. All of the art is different and in different frames of varying size but they work well together. They’re hung in an orderly manner but feel as though the collection has grown over time.

Elle Decor March 2010

Picture ledges are a great way to display an art collection. I love the fluidity of the arrangement. Nothing is permanently hung and can be moved and added to easily. I also love that the floor is used as an additional picture ledge (although the photo at the end of the hall kind of freaks me out).

Traditional Home Sept 2010

Prints, paintings, and photos aren’t the only things to create gallery walls with. Framed intaglios, coins, and stamps are great too.

So are you loving gallery walls or are over it?

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This One’s For the Girls

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we wanted to post some of our favorite pink rooms. So this post is literally for the girls.

Melissa Warner-Traditional Home April 2010

Yellow walls create the perfect backdrop for the pick accents to pop off.

Melissa Warner Traditional Home April 2010

There’s something so luxurious and glamorous about hot pink tufted velvet.

Melissa Warner Traditional Home April 2010

Again, the gold walls pair perfectly with the pops of pink.

Timothy Whealon-Elle Decor June 2010

Hints of pink and green make this room a bit more playful.
The coral accents in this great bedroom keeps the room from feeling too cold and sterile.
I secretly want to put a pretty pink dresser in my bedroom now. I wonder if my husband will approve.

Anthony Catalfano-Traditional Home April 2010

This is definitely a PINK room. Could you live with hot pink walls?

Anthony Catalfano-Traditional Home April 2010

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Loft Style

Many designers have a signature look which they become known for. We at Atmosphere ID pride ourselves in being in able to successfully design in any style and in any budget. Since all of our designers our trained and experienced in all aspects of design, we’re sure we can help you achieve the home of your dreams. Today we’d like to feature some of the work of Atmosphere designer Molly Miller. This particular project was a loft space and Molly’s clients were after a more urban/industrial look while keeping the space warm and inviting which Molly achieved with flying colors.
Paneling creates a welcoming entry and is a nod to the history of the building.
Exposed ductwork and frosted sliding doors add to the urban feel of the loft.
The space has great floor to ceiling windows and exposed brick.
Gotta love the pony lounge chair!

For questions regarding this project please contact Molly at mollym@atmosphere-id.com

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Christopher Peacock’s Kitchen

Undoubtedly, my favorite kitchen designer is Christopher Peacock. With a quick browse through your kitchen tear sheets, I bet your sure to find at least one (or a ton in my case) Christopher Peacock kitchens. I was already excited about the ceiling design feature in the Oct. 2010 issue of Traditional Home, but I was ecstatic to find a peek inside the home of Christopher Peacock. Christopher Peacock has become known for clean and classic white kitchens (which is probably why I love him so much) so I wasn’t surprised to see that he went with white for his own kitchen.
I love the pop of orange in the Roman shade over the sink, although I do wish it was mounted just beneath the crown rather than inside mount so more of the fun paisley print could be seen. A warm grey called “Abbey Walls” from his own paint collection was chosen to warm up what could have become a cold space.
A classic mantel style hood accented with a glass mosaic backsplash creates a great focal point for the room. I always the love the newel detail found on the island in many Peacock kitchens and I am dying to steal (or borrow) the idea for the chalkboard panel on the refrigerator.
A fabulous hutch with criss cross mullions acts as a divider between the kitchen and family room.
Peacock turned to New York based interior designer Sophie Thibon for help with the design of the family room. The color palette of white accent with orange and warm grey walls is carried throughout the space.

I find it interesting that he said “As a kitchen designer doing your own kitchen, you feel this inherent pressure to wow people, but I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to be a walking advertisement of myself” but this kitchen to me a classic Peacock kitchen and represents his company completely. What are your thoughts?

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