“The most important element in decorating is the relationship between objects- in size, form, texture, color, and meaning. None of these is in good taste in itself but only in relationship to where it has been placed and what purpose it is to serve.”
Eleanor McMillen Brown

I love this quote. Beautiful items in and of themselves can be perfect and fit your taste, but as soon as they are paired incorrectly they lose their luster. Be careful how you pair items together; they must complement each other and have a purpose.

I have many clients who will buy items just because they like them. When the get the products home, they just don’t know what to do with them. Then they call me to find out how to place the items. Often I’m able to make them work, but sometimes items go unused because they do not compliment the other items in the clients space.

Be careful not to fall into that trap. When you purchase something, just be sure you know where on earth you are going to use it!!! If you don’t have an idea, don’t buy it. Small items are especially difficult; if it doesn’t make a statement just don’t get it.


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