Design Therapist

I was talking with one of our designers today about a wonderful home we are designing. Sometimes so much thought is taken into consideration about the design pieces as individuals that the entire picture is missed. A fireplace has its desired look and function, the TV is wanted a certain way (often just like our neighbors or friends). Because each of the items aren’t taken as a whole, the best design solutions can be missed.

Now, what a client wants is most important, but our job as designers is to really get what they want and sometimes that takes some extra investigation. Sometimes I feel like a therapist, constantly trying to pull information from my clients to make their space function properly, as a whole. Every once in a while that means altering a certain desired piece to make the whole design better.

I’ve learned the best designs are a compromise because that means that I truly know what the client wants and can pull all of the pieces together to really make it all work together.

When your thinking about what you want for your space, remember that you might not get every single thing you want. Take the most important items into consideration first and be sure not to have the parts compete or the design will lose impact.

In the picture here, we made changes from their initial desires for the room to create what ultimately became the client’s favorite space in the whole house. Small adjustments to what they thought they wanted became what they really wanted.


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