Why Hire a Designer Any Way???

Numerous factors are involved in formulating a design solution for your interior space, no matter the project’s scope or size. There’s more involved than most people realize (that is why we hate being called decorators but try hard not to be offended when we are) and the reason why we are tooting our own horns and telling you why we are so valuable.

So first, you’ve got to account for the space’s dimensions and construction. This is where so many people go wrong. They want what they friend or neighbor has, but a better solution would work with the physical dimensions of their space. Don’t be afraid of being different. Designers help you work with what you have and make the best out of it. Not only can we do that, but very often we formulate amazing design solutions that our clients fall in love with.

Next there are the functional needs and uses of the space whether it be for leisure, gathering, work, entertainment, resting, etc. This is as easier factor, but if a space must multifunction then appropriate and specialized space planning can be a real life saver.

Next designers factor of the feeling or meaning of the space which can also be narrowed down to the style. This feeling may by success, comfort, authority, security, wisdom, playfulness or serenity which feelings can be reflected in a variety of styles. Style and feeling are related but one feeling can be created in a variety of styles and visa versa.

Finally there are both practical considerations along with health and safety considerations. Among these are lighting, acoustics, space planning, organization and storage, scale, accommodation of special needs, fire safety and compliance with local building codes.

When you hire an Atmosphere ID interior designer, you get the benefit of an experienced professional who is passionate about finding a design solution to all of the factors for your interior space. Not only do we assist you in problem solving, but our interior designers help you avoid costly mistakes all while creating an aesthetically pleasing, affordable space designed distinctively to meet your lifestyle needs.

An Atmosphere ID interior designer has aesthetic, practical and technical expertise in all the elements that make up an interior environment. Our designers understand how people use and respond to all of the elements and how they interact with one another. What that really means is that we know and work closely with many vendors, contractors and other service providers and coordinate the entire design team so all of the pieces come together. (The last thing you want is to order something twice because it didn’t fit into your planned look as you thought you would. Yikes, we’ve seen that happen and it’s really no fun).

Now that is why a designer is worth it! We are worth it, don’t you agree???! Save money, stress, and time, and get a beautiful and function space.


About Atmosphere ID

Welcome to the safe place to fulfill you design dreams and learn and love the world of interior design. Here you will find our love for design pouring out to you through updates on our projects, tips, quotes, and our favorite designs and products. We hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy putting this together. Find us on www.atmosphere-id.com and share our passion and love for design. Your life will be glad you did.
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