Add Character with Historical Pieces

Thanks to all of those who joined in on the Atmosphere ID radio show today ( We had a great show with our Atmosphere ID designer, Devanie Roberts. As promised on the show, we wanted to show some of Devanie’s favorite historical pieces here on the blog. These pieces add just enough flavor to a space to make it more unique and one-of-a-kind. The history brings a comfort and familiarity.

French Settee: Paris Hotel Boutique
The size of this is so very quaint. Mix it with a new pattern to make it more fresh and updated or keep it traditional for a softer romantic touch.

American Federal Bullseye Mirror- Richard Rothstein Interiors
Devanie mentioned this mirror and its great reflection for our country and what we stand for. What a great daily reminder to grace the walls of you home…and its beautiful too.

Biedermeier- Corinthian Column
So very great for a modern space because of the simplified lines and scale of the back.

American Georgian Tilt-top Tea Table
These really are beautiful and so very functional. Since our homes are getting smaller (back to what they were in the area of this tables’ creation) this type of piece is perfect when needed, but can be tucked away to act as sculpture when not.

Empire Fainting Sofa-Design Toscano
Fainting Sofa…what more needs to be said. I’m ready to kick of my shoes. What a great addition to a master bedroom or any space you want to be inspired to relax!

Chinese Chippendale reproduction- Zieringinteriors
Loving these chairs to add instant character.

French Empire Meridienne- Alhambra Antiques
You’ll notice that so many historical pieces are floating off the floor. These are great in small space to give the illusion of more space.

Louis XV Bergere-ObjetsPlus
This has always been a favorite of mine too. Change up the fabric and frame color and this piece can fit into any decor and add so much character.


About Atmosphere ID

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