Designing on a Budget

We are just getting ready to film a video for Loren Slocum’s Tune Ups Events. ( We are focusing on budget conscious rooms. Lets face it, most of us live in the real world with real budgets. We created our favorite ways to stretch a budget and get great impact. We look forward to sharing the video with you soon. For now, we wanted to share some of the tips with you on the blog.

Our best tip for designing on a budget is to create a full plan of the space. Design it from top to bottom. Don’t leave out any details and design it as though you had an unlimited budget. For instance, place furniture where it should be if you could buy it. We don’t mean that you opt for the $3000 chair in you bedroom, but put it in your plan and have a general idea of what it should look like.

We’ve worked with many clients who have accumulated objects over time with no purpose. Creating a plan for your space will save you money so you don’t make mistakes.

First, you’ll want to measure out your walls, ceilings, and windows to make a plan on paper. Sketch it out to scale. Cut out templates to represent furniture and play with various arrangements. As you play with different options in this 2D perspective, keep in mind what the furniture will look like on 3D. You’ll also want to sketch out each wall as if you were standing in front of it. Place existing furniture to get an idea of how it will look on the wall as well as the floor.

You’ll also create a plan for each of the design features you’ll desire for the space. Do this whether or not you have the budget for them. Create the room how you want to see it in an ideal scenario. Through the next few blogs we will teach you how to get the biggest effect for your money. Whatever you do, just go all out with your design. You won’t necessarily be selecting colors and exact products at this time. Just design what furniture, rugs, lighting, and window treatments, etc. (types and sizes) will fit best in your space. Lastly, remember that your space and its sizes are unique. Don’t try to copy what a neighbor or friend has. Design around your space and its dimensions.

Don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel. Many design show make you feel like you have to get creative by putting feathers on a wall for a unique feature. Simple design solutions create impact more than getting overly creative. You do live in your home; you want to enjoy it.

In your plan, think about how you can add architectural features to you space to give the room character. Moldings can be used in a variety of ways and if installed by a friend or family member are a great and inexpensive way to make your room feel more custom. Moldings don’t have to be traditional. Moldings can go with any style you prefer. Search for pictures of how to create architectural features for our style. Implement some type of architectural feature in your plan, even if plan to install later.


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