We Need a Facelift (or at least some Botox)

This blog is undergoing an extreme makeover.  We’ll be featuring one of our Atmosphere ID designers and their portfolio each week.   We have many designers with varying design styles and types of work so there should be something for everyone.  We’ll also be highlighting one of our current projects each week so you can see what’s new in our design portfolio.  These projects will range from high-end residential design to new construction to quick $200 makeovers.  Our goal is to make great design accessible to all, regardless of large or small your budget may be.   We’ll also be introducing a new product each week to keep current on what’s going on in the world of design and how to implement it into your own project.   And finally, we’re going to host a discussion board each week, which is the addition I’m most excited about.  We’re going to be discussing topics ranging from what design element you can’t live without to your biggest pet peeves and everything in between.  We’re hoping this will be a fun way to get your ideas and thoughts about design out there and see other ideas that perhaps you had never considered.    I hope you’ll be back to visit often and share your thoughts and comments (while staying kind and civil) and maybe get inspired by what the designers at Atmosphere ID are up to.   Any ideas on topics you’d love to discuss or debate?

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